Personal Trapping Instruction with Clint Locklear 2013


I have had to make a command decision this year with me giving personal instruction. This will be a disappointment to some and I apologize for that.

Normally I will give personal instruction to a lot of trappers from all across this great nation or ours. This is something that I have always enjoyed doing. I can think of nothing better than spending a few days in the woods with another trapper, but because of other obligations, I will not be doing it much this year. If you were wanting personal instruction from me this year I hope you under stand. I will still be holding the Texas Predator school and I will be giving personal instruction in Texas after the school.

trapping instruction clint locklear

I will be giving some, a few personal instructions while I’m in Texas on my predator work. This instruction will be a lot different from I have given it in the past. If you come to Texas for personal instruction, you will be running a coyote, bobcat and raccoon line with me. You will be setting some traps, but this will not be the same as the Texas Predator School. This personal instruction will be instruction, but it will be fast paced on my line. We will cover coyotes, bobcats and nest predators. The difference is that the time spent will be running my line and not yours like at the Texas Predator School.

You will see how I trap, we will work on your trapping as we cover my line. If this sounds like something you want to do, let me know. The cost will be $900.00 for 3 days of running with me on the predator line in Texas.

I wish I could do the tradition personal trapping instruction like I normally do. I have a very full schedule and I HAVE to get ahead with my lure business. I have some trapping conventions that are late in the fall this year that I have commented to. I also have predator control clients I need to trap for. There are two big reasons I need to slack off from giving instruction this fall. One, me and some buddies are looking into a web trapping show. The first year will take more time to get lined out and get into a rhythm. If we pull the trigger on this project, I will let you know. I think we at Predator Control Group can produce a killer trapping show.

Second, is my lure business. It has grown by leaps and bounds. This means I have to make and bottle a lot more lure than I ever had to before. The volume of lures and baits that are going out the door in late summer is crazy and getting crazier. To make matters worse, if I do not get ahead with stock piles of lures and baits, then I will spend a lot of my time this winter in the lure shed. This means I will have to slack off my personal trapping and that does not make me happy.

So, because of these two reasons, I am going to have to regulate my instruction giving till after the Texas Predator School. I have been getting a lot of request for giving trapping instruction and to be honest, I have been very vague about when I can give it. I have been hoping that I could get a head on lures and baits, but I’m selling it as fast or faster than I can make and bottle it. I hope you understand if you were wanting to run around the woods and rivers with me, but I have to take care of my business and other obligations first. There is only so much time in a fall. Plus I want to trap myself instead of making lure this winter. If you don’t understand, then all I can say is, Sorry. I am a trapper first before a teacher or lure maker.


Clint Locklear