Info for Texas Predator School

predator trapping in Texas 

One, The cost is $1,500. This covers your  food and a great place to stay, so there is no extra cost to you unless you want to go to town and buy some things. A deposit of $750.00 is required to lock in a space for you. This deposit will not be refunded for any reason with in 60 days of the class. This money used to pay the ranch for the lodging.

We are only taking 10 trappers per year.

Two, The dates are not set in stone yet. This will not happen till the winter. The ranches we are trapping on, are working game ranches. They do not want to miss a high dollar hunt for us. Every year, the dates are toward the end of February and the first of March.

We only have 4 students at a time on the ranch. This gives each student some wiggle room on dates to meet their schedule. The sooner a student signs up, he has the first crack at the dates he wants. This also gives the student more personal attention than having everyone in a group like we used to do.

 coyotes trapped at Texas Predator School

Three, snaring gear for you. So you do not need to bring any snaring supplies. We will also have traps for you to use if you are flying in. I would recommend bringing digging tools and personal trapping bag. If you are bringing traps, you can use some of the CDR’s and expanded pan traps we use, to get a feel for them. You will have a large track of ground to cover, so you can bring up to 60 traps to set. Some will be for coyotes and some for cats. We will have lure, but you might want to bring your own. Your catch might be better with different smells than what everyone else is using.

Four, We require each student to have a personal protection weapon. Don’t worry about this, we will have a hand gun or AK for you to use. We are on the Mexican border. We have not had a problem so far, but we will not be alone out in the brush. When we have someone with gun control issues in their country, we give them an American welcome. We will pull out the Ak’s, AR’s and pistols to have some fun to welcome you to Texas. That is if you are into shooting.e, You will be with an instructor at all times. We have several traps for you to use and this way you can get “hands on” with different equipment. We recommend bringing you own setting gear, traps, lure and bait. We will have the

coyote trapping in Texas  

Five, The course covers coyote, bobcat, raccoon and badger trapping. You will also catch more than these animals. We get in-depth on foot holds, snares, DP’s and this year some custom cage traps we will be testing at the school..

Six, The temps can vary greatly, so bring some cool weather and warm weather cloths. I would wear high leather boots. Everything can prick, sting or bite you. Also, have leather gloves. I would also advise you bringing a couple of light long sleeve shirts, brim hat and sun screen. The sun will be out in force and being sunburned is no fun.

norm blackewll in Texas

Seven, Bedding and towels are available at the ranch. Food will be provided also from ranch. If you are hooked on a certain drink, i.e. Coke or Mountain Dew, bring some with you. You can also bring beer and bottles to the ranch. Just remember that we are there to learn and become better trappers.

Eight, Each student is allowed to keep three cats and all the coyotes you want to skin. We will be putting up your cats in the evening. This will make it easier to tag. You will need a 5 day hunting license to tag cats in TX, not a trapping license. You will need a trapping license to keep coyotes and badgers. We Predator Control Group will be keeping the coons.

trapping Texas Predator School

Nine, Keep in mind that we are 8 miles from the Mexican Boarder. I would advice you bring a hand gun for protection. I don’t think we will have any problems, but the border can be a dangerous place. I would also bring a 22 for dispatching, skinning gear and a catch pole for cats.

Ten, We are going to cover trapping and the business side of the game. I would advice you to write down goals and questions about trapping and the business side, if you are interested in this. Clint will be interviewing each student on Sunday as you arrive. This way we can help you meet you future goals the best we can.

Eleven, We will have two instructors. So the in the field classes will be small. What ever you do, don’t be shy. We can only teach you what you need to know, that is if we know what it is you are looking for from the school.

Twelve, If you need medication, don’t forget it. Town is a long drive from the ranch.

You will arrive on a Sunday evening and settle in. Classes start after breakfast on Monday morning and run till Friday afternoon. You can take off Friday evening or Saturday morning.

Hope to see you in Texas! You will have fun, learn a lot and trap your butt off if you come.