What is the Texas Predator School


We hold a once a year trapping school in Texas. We call it the Texas Predator School. We have been doing this school for 5 years now.

Texas Predator School mission is straight forward. We teach other trappers the art of coyote, bobcat and nest predator control. Not only do we teach the trapping side of the game, we teach the business side of running your own predator control business.

Bobcat Trapping at Texas Predator School

So what does that mean? Well, we teach guys to run a predator control line for coyotes and bobcats using foothold traps, body grip traps and snares. We cover the gear, trap line management, sets, more sets, cage traps, lures, baits, blind sets, shooting (if wanted), making the High fence work for you and much, much more. Then we go as deep into the business side of starting and running a predator control company as you want to go. How to get customers that are willing to pay you. How to advertise to get the target customers you need to make a living, general tax understanding. We can help you build yourself a business plan once we get to know your goals and dreams.

Students at Texas predator school

Students at Texas predator school

Some guys come to the Texas Predator School for the purpose of becoming a better coyote or bobcat trapper. We can do this also. Since our class sizes are so small we can customize the week for you.

What makes this trapping school different ? This is the only school were you are trapping all day long, running your own line catching animals. We teach out on a real trap line, not in a class room. You will be setting traps and snare, checking them and handling the catch. No one does a school like this. Sounds fun doesn’t it, that’s because it is.

Texas trapping school

fur caught trapping in Texas